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Urgency of the ‘new communist failsafe’

January 9th, 2013 · 1 Comment


This article suggests the urgency of formulating a ‘failsafe’ project for a ‘new communism’. The more intelligent among the capitalist elite know perfectly well their system is unsustainable and will sooner or later create ‘communism for the rich’, perhaps with the Chinese system of ‘old communism’ being a partial model: control the working class with totalitarian ‘state’ capitalism. There are other possibilities, and we can suspect the increasing stealth fascism of the American government is a preparation to make protest impossible when the crisis intensifies. If we start now, and disown the old communism, we can create a communist variant of the template of the ‘democratic revolution’, that can preserve a human rights core in the context of expropriation of ‘private property’ on the industrial scale.

It is futile at this point, short of a miracle technology to forestall climate change, to consider the usual politics of FDR-ist progressivism. Those efforts should most emphatically continue, but they should begin to blend in with more radical approaches. Time is running out: the crypto-totalitarian capitalism of the American security state is going to be a tough nut to crack. But the first task is to take the ‘communist’ idea of out cold storage, and recreate the legacy. The failsafe can be ready given the opportunity.
First: expose the fraud of free market capitalism: the current system is a hybrid using Chinese totalitarain state capitalism with terrorized labor forces. Note this obvious point: the productive forces of the US economy already depend on police state repression. That’s not exactly free market capitalism.

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