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Fascism, American-Style, & The Drones

February 4th, 2013 · No Comments

Fascism, American-Style, & The Drones

By Sherwood Ross

Polite Fascism has come to America. If this concept sounds
preposterous to Americans it may sound otherwise to foreigners who are
getting the worst of it. The public judges the White House largely by
its conduct of domestic affairs, about what it has done for them, and
not by its foreign wars, which is where America’s fascist brutality is
largely exercised and of which the U.S. public knows little. Obama has
quieted many Leftist critics by taking actions to appease their needs,
such as securing passage of Obamacare. He has satisfied gays, by
pledging to treat them as human beings. He has indicated he will not
let the Republicans eviscerate Social Security, reassuring the
elderly. And he is calling for enactment of gun control legislation,
long sought by the Left.

What’s more, neither the Pentagon nor the FBI is rounding up large
numbers of domestic dissidents and putting them in “detention camps,”
as Nixon’s Attorney General Richard Kleindienst once threatened would
be the fate of anti-war demonstrators who tied up traffic in
Washington, D.C. Obama’s Department of Homeland Security may be a
sword hung over the heads of the citizenry but its officers are not
smashing store windows and beating Jews on the Hitler model. Suffice
it to say the FBI now and then entraps Muslims in dangerous bomb plot
“conspiracies,” which are alleged plots, not actions. But it has made
no wholesale arrests. The object of Polite Fascism apparently is to
keep people in line by making examples of the few rather than
mincemeat of the many.

Critics of the Bush and Obama regimes have been, and are, free to
speak, write, and demonstrate—even though this last is becoming
increasingly hazardous as the Feds militarize the once friendly cop on
the beat. Demonstrators these days are in jeopardy of having their
First Amendment rights quashed by the promiscuous use of tear gas
against them. Overall, though, the Obama regime fits this Webster
definition of “fascist”: “A totalitarian governmental system led by a
dictator and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism, militarism, and
often racism.” However, when it comes to “emphasizing an aggressive
nationalism” and “militarism,” Mr. Obama can’t deny those terms don’t
fit him. They do. Even though he masquerades as a moderate,
left-of-center liberal, he is the most powerful fascist who has ever
lived, the commander-in-chief of the largest war machine ever, and he
operates with a reckless brutality that is killing innocent people and
inspiring fear over vast areas of the world, literally turning life
for millions into a living hell and causing their populations to
despise America.

Suffice it to say enactment of the National Defense Authorization
Act(NDAA) on New Year’s Eve, 2011, gave Mr. Obama more power than any
king. As the American Civil Liberties Union put it: “Although
President Obama issued a signing statement saying he had ‘serious
reservations’ about the NDAA’s detention provisions, the statement
only applies to how his administration would use them, and would not
affect how the law is interpreted by subsequent administrations. The
provisions – which were negotiated by a small group of members of
Congress, in secret, and without proper congressional review – are
inconsistent with fundamental American values.” The law, in fact,
allows the federal authority to arrest and detain any person
indefinitely without trial, effectively giving the president the
powers of a king and subverting the Constitution.

It is in the application of illegal force abroad that Obama has thus
far brazenly identified his fascist-style cruelty and terrorism. By
his admitted use of the drone war machine against alleged terrorist
suspects he is murdering human beings wholesale and plunging wide
communities into perpetual fear of his attacks. If one just enumerates
the number of terror strikes, said to exceed 200 in Pakistan alone,
(and killing 2,500), Mr. Obama is the foremost terrorist operating on
the planet today.

Reports are emanating out of Pakistan, for example, of civilians
living under the perpetual threat of the drones, of people being
driven insane by the fear that their families will be killed by their
dreadful Hellfire missiles, and, when they are, of not even being able
to identify them from what remains of their body parts. In these
communities, people are afraid to shop, to go to work, drive their
cars, and to send their children to school or outdoors to play. They
are afraid to go to mosques or gather anywhere for public meetings,
which have been repeatedly struck. And they do not rush to the aid of
the surviving wounded in need of medical care lest they be stricken in
the act by a follow-up drone strike. Their communities have been
brazenly converted into war zones by Mr. Obama, whose self-authorized
attacks reportedly have killed more than a hundred children even as he
takes care to provide armed guards to protect his own two daughters.
And while the president brazenly lies that his attacks are only
killing terrorists, in point of fact the follow-up attacks against
first responders cannot possibly be confined to terrorists. Killing
innocent people without judge or jury who have not been convicted of
any crime is murder, pure and simple. These actions surely fit the
Webster definition of fascism as it relates to “nationalism” and

The only honorable course for dealing with this tyrant is impeachment
and trial for murder. His knowing accomplices in the Pentagon, CIA,
and the Congress need to be prosecuted with him. Such prosecution
might also extend to the officials of Lockheed Martin Corp., of
Bethesda, Md., manufacturers in Orlando, Fla., of the Hellfire
missile. This war-enabling corporation blandly identifies itself as “a
global security and aerospace company” involved in “advanced
technology systems, products, and services.” Its Board of Directors
authorized a first quarter 2013 dividend of $1.15 per share,
suggesting that business is good. Meanwhile, survivors of many cities
in Pakistan are mourning the loss of their family members and friends.
Survivors must also live with mutilated and incapacitated loved ones,
including children maimed for life. They are also mourning the loss of
homes, businesses, incomes, education, and sanity swept away by the
Hellfire strikes. This is nothing less than the mass torture of large
civilian populations, as deplorable as anything experienced by
Londoners during the World War Two Nazi blitz, and a very crime
against humanity as well. As the UK Guardian newspaper reported last
June 21st, the UN rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, Christof
Heyns, says the drone killings “challenge the system of international
law that has endured since the Second World War.”

(Sherwood Ross is the author of “Gruening of Alaska”(Best Books) and
numerous magazine articles and blogs on political subjects. To support
his Anti-War News Service or comment reach him at

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