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Jesus Christ Communist….spiritual domain abandoning Xtianity as conservative assembly

February 12th, 2013 · 1 Comment

I was asked why I have been discussing communism so often here: answer simple…I have been picking a kind of message for over a year now, getting stronger and more insistent, the abandonment of support from traditional Xtianity.
Xtians need to move rapidly toward a new church, one that can respond to the crisis of the planet. It seems that they are not capable of the right response. All the endless confusion over gay issues, for example, is simply a distraction.
But Xtianity, as a revolutionary movement has a potential for radical action seen in its legacy. The rightwing Xtian churches promoting market civilization are,…well, I would walk away fast…

More generally the discussion of the New Communism here has nothing to do with Xtianity: it is a equal warning to the passive liberals and leftists being outplayed by the rapidly growing fascism of the economic elites: an innovative project of postcapitalism is the only tactic that will suffice…

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