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The end of patriotism: the great American yankee doodle super idiot, a global menace to a planet

March 3rd, 2013 · 1 Comment

Americans need to give themselves a kind of shock treatment to snap out of the increasingly dangerous state of mind (of long standing) that is fixated on the ‘great American success story’ which is slowing devolving into a nightmare scenario, especially for non-Americans. The great American economy is a kind of fiction of media focus, political propaganda, and the idiocy of economists. All the assets of the American legacy are becoming liabilities, in a long list:

the market myth, its dangerous fictions (including mathematical fraud that keeps the illusion in place)
the low intelligence required for capitalist operations (with paid input from the intelligent)
the Hollywood dream machine and its erosion of consciousness
the political cooptation of government by capitalist moneys// the marxist analysis is roughly correct
the sheer moronic inability to grasp the dangers of climate change

the list goes on and on.

We should note a few things: a culture founded on the genocide of Indians doesn’t deserve any of the endless pats on the back Americans give themselves, and is doomed in the long run. It doesn’t deserve to survive. And won’t. The Brits warned of the result that was coming to being on the Indian question. That makes the American revolution a sick joke.
But the dangerous fact here is that the ‘yankee doodle super idiot’ is going to destroy a planet for everyone globally. They are not the sole offenders! But they are the worst, with China no doubt closing the gap.

It is impossible to find serious discussion by politicians, or in the major media….

Trouble! endgame approaching, despite the immense power to remain in place as a hopeless idiot….

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