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The revolution, American ‘colonialism’ and the invariant analogy to the US war of independence

March 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

The lesson of the American Revolution is often lost in false analogy. The fact remains that this was a revolutionary war against colonialism, and not a revolution of internal transformation such as the French. The lessons can thus be lost because of what seems like a difference of circumstances, hence definitions. But in reality, the analogy can be useful because the current global situation is indeed analogous: a revolution against American imperialism with its clever disguises of colonialism, global domination, and its disguised (?, not very) class basis in the mechanics of American capitalism, now a global phenomenon. It its the same recurrence again, on a larger scale. The ‘revolution’ from above/below is in reality a close analog then, as the global ‘proletariat’ (which is the 99%) fights, once again, against a form of colonialism, and this colony is now as much the American interior public as the exterior global one.
Discussions of the American economy are thus beside the point, although they will continue. If we live in a period of Yandkee colonialism applied to capital interests controlling Foxconn iphone production in China (with a fair exmplar of a proletariat) then the global character of ‘economy’, its colonialism, becomes apparent.

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