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Zero Dark Thirty, is Obama pulling our leg? Is the CIA pulling Obama’s leg

March 24th, 2013 · No Comments

I finally caught up with Zero Dark Thirty, perhaps a waste of money, but after a lot of posts here on the subject I felt compelled to see it. Sure enough, the movie induces severe doubts. What its relation to the facts is, of course, unclear, but the movie shows clearly, whatever the facts of the case, the nebulous chain of evidence on the subject of the target’s real identity. We have argued here (check the archives with ‘zero dark thirty’) that many considered Osama Bin Laden long dead, and the movie itself confirms and includes such doubts early on. The final scene shows a clearly non-objective CIA agent confirming the identity of the corpse in the body bag as Bin Laden. Give me a break, as they say… The movie at least incites doubt at once that this whole thing was a fake with a CIA plant or dupe inserted into situation to stage the phony Seal operation.
Meanwhile the depictions of torture are disturbing evidence that Yankee Doodle thinking has become perverted governance.

That Osama Bin Laden didn’t die in late 2001, as many thought, surviving near critical kidney failure, is, to be sure, a possibility. It is possible the truth, if that, of a fake secret op is unknown to most politicians and dot.gov officials. To have, if the movie is accurate (doubtful), confirmed the chain of identity over the phone with a biased CIA agent is a Serious Unfunny Joke of morbid proportions. For all we know the body bag was filled with pastrami sandwiches. In any case, to declare the body to have been buried at sea is strong evidence of deception. Any serious operation would have produced documented proof. Maybe the dot.gov wanted to be fooled here.
The photo used here of Bin Laden is a highly suspicious probable fake. Check out the few photos of the man over time: they are not the same person. Google it, guys… Maybe they fooled Obama too.

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