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Darwinism and the failure of science // the religion of scientism

April 1st, 2013 · No Comments


I am often surprised by the dinosaur character of Darwinism, and the immense amount of effort that goes into propping it up, even by those who suspect it is false. The agenda is that convenient prop for atheism, at least in many of its proponents. I think that Darwinism portends the failure of science, and its inability to resist ideological absorption. I am sorry to say it, but the evidence is absent that science works properly on the subject of evolution. Even with the constant reminder of outsiders nothing changes. And I fear de Waal, who is a sensitive student of the subject, but still confused by evolutionary psychology, is encased in the paradigm and oblivious to what is going on. The question of religion here is on the critical boundary of Darwinian paradigm failure, even as the evidence of the real evolution of religion, as seen in the study of macro history in my WHEE, sits around year after year. The issue is a poignant one, since de Waal protests dogma in the new atheists. But dogma in the whole spectrum of evolutionary biology has constricted the subject, a problem disguised by the endless advances of low level biological research and knowledge. The New Atheists have shown an alarming narrowness in the study of religion by scientists. But the Darwinists have shown the failure of science as such. The subject should have paradigmed out during the E.J.Gould period, when that figure attempted to blow the whistle on Darwinism, and then chickened out.
Finally, the books by insider critics such as Nagel seem to be showing a shift. But is that real? We will see. There is the obvious irony here: the critique is of the ‘new atheism’ as a religion. But the issue is broader: the religion of scientism…

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