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Time to occupy Occupy….? The lost opportunity of the 2008 collapse…

April 1st, 2013 · 1 Comment

http://darwiniana.com/2013/04/01/the-democracy-project/There is something alarming about the state of the left. This essay on the Occupy movement is of great interest, but time is running out for a new left: I think the older groups of radical socialists might take a cue from the Occupy movement, examine at the same time its limits, and then proceed to reinvent socialism/communism as a radical new brand of ‘Occupy’. Such a movement needs a post-marxist slant, with a definitional communism of fresh mint, a revolutionary projection, a new membership, and the clear and daring intent to Occupy global capitalism. It can start as a virtual project, but one that realizes the immense opportunity that was lost in 2008, and be ready next time. The old left wasn’t ready, and the Occupy was….what?

This would not be a movement for the timid then, and the waste of energy in the debate over the Black Block would be history. A movement that is more than Gandhian sentimentatlity, but disciplined, and one that can speak to both the old left, and to the creativity of those in the Occupy movement. It should be clear that a new communism should be a ‘democracy now’ movement, and yet at the same time, we are out of time for sentimental waits on the proletariat. We need a democratic futurism in a vanguard movement of the committed whose project is to lead the proletariat, which, by the way, is far more than the dead beats in the drugged labor movement: a proletarian is anyone, including the chronically unemployed, who is behind the curve of global capital, and that includes a huge majority of the willing. This assembly needs to grasp the way the capitalist system has captured the minds (‘The Captive Mind’, remember that old piece of Cheslaw Milosz?) of the vaunted and much too pampered labor class, which is rapidly disasppearing, and turned into its own worst enemy. The tactic of waiting on the proletariat then is a copout, an excuse for inaction. The real proletariat is ignored by the left, and is open to the opportunity of something more than deadbeat marxism: a platform of radical postcapitalism, as a movement of new communism.

Such an initialization can be a virtual experiment, a failsafe, a preparation, but given the lost opportunity of 2008 such preparation, even if we are at first skeptical of its success, is vitally needed. One more lost opportunity like 2008 and we may be without a planet. Perhaps we had to learn the hard way about Obama, and suffered through one last ‘in the system’ groupie phase. Now we know, and we know that the elite can manufacture ‘manchurian candidates’ like Obama. We are done there. Goodbye to all that.

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