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The legacy of archaic communism as a buttress of capitalist delusion

April 2nd, 2013 · No Comments


Part of the strength of the right and the capitalism of the elites is the ability to count on the legacy of old-style communism being used to justify all sorts of things, short of any real changes. We have exhausted all the partial measures, including an immense spectrum of social democratic seeming successes, but which have left the system intact and now more menacing than ever, and determined to be very much more irrationally ideological than in the great reign of social democratic compromise.
Now, with the threat of climate disaster the question is clarifying: capitalism has induced a gross failure of government, needs to be challenged at its root: markets, and their global context, is what has to be transcended. The history of communism has ceased a compelling warning: rather, we are forced to simply redefine the postcapitalist possibility: we can rename it, but the essential demands of communism must pass over to a ‘new communism’. We only need the word at all to preempt deceptive redefinitions, and tactics fronting for the old.

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