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Conned by OWS? Anarchism in perspective

June 1st, 2013 · No Comments

One of the remarkable things about the OWS was the way ignorance about what it was led to a temporary unity among many who thought they were supporting something else. As with many others, from the homeless to the politically disconnected, the movement created a temporary haven for those who have no place anywhere in any movement. Homeless people with sleeping bags, and posts here about sleeping in cold weather, gave an illusion of finally finding a political allegiance of some kind. But the clarifications of what the movement was about, as with Graeber’s book are likely to undo the movement quickly because now it has a clear set of un-leading leaders and an anarchist doctrine, which will cascade dialectical dissent. I am a little puzzled, and disappointed, because a considerable hope has vanished. I should have been suspicious, as a follower from a distance. Five minutes among the faithful and I would have been an outcast all over again. the fancy of belonging to a movement via the Internet was refreshing in any case. And before critiquing this strain of anarchism given its day (as we realize belatedly).
It is now clear that this anarchist paralysis led to the anemic failure of the spring attempted come-back. So a new perspective is needed as soon as possible.
To be sure, it is essential to see the way this phase of anarchism was therapeutic with respect to the dominance of classic leftist groups. The gesture opens a path to a creative renewal of just those legacies, which are now beyond repair, but which can reinvent themselves given the rolfing given by this transient movement. Let us hope that some of the spirit of the anarchists will endure in a vertical movement of revolutionary action. But the situation we have is going critical, and we can’t really afford the fantasy of anarchist movements. Graeber’s book is essential, and essential for dissolving a movement that has captured a lot of attention, and, once again, accomplished virtually nothing. But the pause in motion of this movement, like the sufi stop exercise, has created a new energy, and this can lead to a new form of political radicalism.

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