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Falling out with the OWS…Stop thumbsucking and get with it on a serious movement

June 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

I have been getting 500 to a thousand visits a day over and above about 2500) most probably from OWS people. Suddenly they all stopped, so I guess I am now persona non grata for having been critical of their movement. Give me a break. I linked to their EVERY day without fail for a year and a half, without a single response, thank you, or interaction. Suddenly you snap out of it. Time to move on, and find a serious movement. The problem perhaps was the critique of non-violence, and communist ideas. It was not clear to me that his was a kind of anarchist movement.

That’s a pity, but I have been confused about what the movement really was: now Graeber’s book, which is excellent, but which suddenly shows what the movement was about, will generate ‘anti’ sentiments. That is inevitable.
It is not that big a deal: the surging success of that movement can’t last long: use the momentum for a next phase.

This is unfair. The OWS got a lot of support from those ignorant of what it was. Greaber’s book will ironically undo the movement as dissent arises against the movement’s confused foundations.

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