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Secular humanism? Gray rants on progress

June 30th, 2013 · No Comments


I link frequently to Uncommon Descent (and to Evo-News and Coyne’s WEIT): to create an effect of balance. But make no mistake I don’t support their constructs, despite frequent useful posts on evolution. These people are prejudicial rightwingers and the rest of it. So an article on secular humanism is hardly to be trusted. Actually, the material in the critique is useful food for thought, although they have missed the point. John Gray on this subject is almost useless, and the diatribes against progress are a bit tired. The age of the postmodern is past, and passe/
I may get around to his new book, but in any case it is useful to cite UD on evolution. ON secular humanism they are worse than useless.
I have been giving my own critique here of secular humanism. Better, I think…

Gray’s views on progress are a bit of a rant. I have been critical of the idea of progress, but I don’t reject the idea. It has suffered chaotification, and abuse from its existence in economic society. But the idea of progress against the backdrop of world history is critical to right perspectives. Disbelief in progress, if you can subtract the quagmire into it has sunk in semantic entropy, and hence belief in progress are an important dialectic. People have short memories and have been confused by postmodernism. The idea of progress in its seminal birth in the early modern was one of the greatest turns of mind in world history. It is useful to read the classic work here, e.g. Bury’s The idea of Progress, now old-fashioned ‘modern’.

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