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The depravity of modern Israel: time for a Judeo-Xtian cultural exodus

July 24th, 2013 · 2 Comments

The question of Israel is a lost cause, but, at least, on the left remnants of sufficient nerve to denounce the Israel juggernaut remain, above a peep.
I have consistently tried to ply the philosemitic route, but I am alarmed that after heroic efforts I will end, along with many others, classified antisemitic. By the goons of Israel propaganda. Hardly to be worried about since one is so marginalized in this culture, what’s the diff. One can at least speak out for those terrified into silence. It is almost beyond belief any group could void the basics of cultural equality in a modern nation state. This blunder of the Zionists will wreck the whole experiment. It’s over at this point, although it will never be over, and has essentially destroyed American democracy.
To secular jews, even those on the left, the question lurks: how could anyone trust you after the legacy of Israel? Will you destroy everything you touch, including the left.
This is really a question for secular jews: the history of modern Israel is so extraordinarily awful as to take one’s breath away. This is making a mess of things on the level of genius, a feat finally of evil. The status of Judaism is effectively defunct given this legacy. Jews as the chosen few is worse than a sick joke at this point. I fear it is evidence of what antisemites have always said:
All this said, the real culprits in many ways are the Xtians who are supporting this fraud based on the myths of the Old Testament. Israelis and fundamentalist Xtians have effectively destroyed both religions beyond repair. Face reality: Jews have no claim whatsoever to any part of mideast on the basis of theology. Bronx cheer at this point.

The solution, if I might bother to state one, would be to create a ‘one state solution’, perhaps a union federation of Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, West Bank, Gaza, as one nation, with equal rights, democratic equality, etc…
Over and out.

I think that Jews and Xtians should begin to create a cultural exodus formation either separately or together, to see that these remnants of the Axial Age, which I have often tried to defend in the context of modernity, are degenerating into toxic remainders that are a menace to the cultures they exploit with their self-enclosed mindsets. Jews should assimilate ASAP and Xtians should try to debrief their religion, and this not after the fashion of the new atheists, who have further confused the issues.
Time is running out for both groups, although their cultural power will ensure their long and slow decline, in the process getting worse and worse, as in the case of the wretched failure of the Israel experiment.

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