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Darwinist abuse of power: living in an ideological cocoon oblivious to critique and suppressing dissent

July 27th, 2013 · No Comments

David Sloan Wilson’s attempt to reconstruct Social Darwinism in a benign form is a completely misguided attempt, no doubt wishing to appeal to the ideologists of capitalism. Descent of Man Revisited does a good job on the issue, but the reality is that people like Wilson, and Dawkins, et al., live in an artificial cocoon surrounding the Darwin paradigm and have probably never even read critiques of their subject…



he question of human origins is a great mystery, and the dogmatic application of Darwinian theory to its study has produced a great confusion. The reductionist character of Darwinism has been made to work by postulating a creature of fiction, the survivor of the ‘survival of the fittest’ scenario, a kind of Social Darwinist untermench, also an expert, apparently, at economics of the capitalist brand. This creature has been stripped of his humanity and made into a mechanical object with no soul, free will, ethical agency, or much in the way of consciousness. Especially problematic are tendencies toward altruism. In a market economy, greed is good. A theory to make this plausible is an object of supply and demand. As the saying goes, it’s the economy, stupid.


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