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Historical materialism?? try the ‘macro model’ of the eonic effect

July 27th, 2013 · 1 Comment

The left needs a new theory of history that can still carry the classic insights of Marx/Engels on ideology, class and revolution. Better yet the left should bypass theories and deal with historical outlines, accompanied with a set of conjectures, hypotheses, or experimental models.
The macro model is not a theory, but a model of an incomplete data set: its use can be advisory without being dogmatic.
You can invite your enemies to tear it to pieces and work with what is left: a detailed outline/chronicle of world history since the Neolithic…
You can clarify the issues of revolutionary historicism that often confound leftists…the framework of the modern transition shows that, contra the Burkes, revolutions are intrinsic to modernity at all stages…
The model doesn’t distinguish material/spiritual and can deal equally with the evolution of religion and/or the question of secularism.
Historical materialism/marxism are emergent events inside the model and can be taken as is in that context until through study one can graduate to a larger superset of philosophic history. In fact, the model clarifies the left’s obsession with Hegelianism (and Kantianism), in the process showing how religion, secularism and the outcome of the Reformation can be studied in a larger context.
The model can be ‘switched on and off’ so to speak, as different hypotheses are adopted for an outline of empirical data only.
For example the issue of teleology can be studied in the context of a real example, or set of examples…
The model takes the mysticism out of capitalism and shows us that capitalism is not a stage of history, but a cabal of finance exploiting laissez-faire mythology to further class ends, etc… The claims of laissez-faire were once a kind of gospel, but now their mystique is beginning to seem fraudulent. It can’t be the case the model shows the way economies are human constructs, nor natural laws…

The list goes on: the material is there for a Rolls Royce version of historical metanarrative (dread word, taken up defiantly in some humor, pick your own term) as a challenge to the ‘end of history’ mythology/ideology.

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