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That’s the link to the article of Heinrich on Marx.

But I think leftists should distinguish communists and marxists, set aside the theory of historical materialism, and replace that with the study of particular historical systems. Capitalism is a set of economic facts that have existed throughout history, but which crystallized around an ideology at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Adam Smith, in many ways, did a disservice to history in the way he formulated a theory of capitalism that was immediately vulgarized into a deadly instrument. But his cautionary notes at least show a certain reserve about market systems. The real ‘theory’ is nothing of the kind and shows something that was gestating for a long time, always in the context of welfare systems (witness Malthus, and the debates already present in Elizabethan times). It is remarkable that the theory of ‘markets’ as we take it now is suspicious, echoing Malthus, of all people. And this strain enters into Darwinian/evolutionary theory. It is a mindset of mixed notions that were gestating in the elite classes from very early. The whole game is a fraud perpetrated in the name of theory on the victims of economic exploitation, to say nothing of the extermination scenarios emerging from the evolutionary myths, witness the subtitle of Darwin’s book.

Here the job of the left is to refrain from theories. And to critique theories and the ideologies they mask. The result of marxism is that it is the left now that is accused of ideology while capitalist economics is taken as science. Marxists should have adopted a different approach: armed with the Communist Manifesto and bypassing the abstractions of bad theory as in Capital proceed to a critique of capitalist systems, their ideology and confront that with a blueprint for a communist society, economy, and culture. Leave the three volumes of Capital behind, please. Just do it. Go cold turkey on the mirage of theory that is keeping the left in the grip of the Marx theologians.

Whatever the case, it is important for left Communists to detach from marxism. Marxism is not a religious doctrine entailed on radicals. A Communist should create his own practical set of activist projections and analyses, without theories. The nature of capitalist exploitation can be assessed by inspection, not theory.

Time to face reality: the two major sociological/biological instruments of science are frauds: economic mathematical theories and Darwinian theory of evolution. To this list was added Marx’s theories, after he went to the immense trouble of exposing the way theories mask ideologies.

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