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Crucifiction fictions

August 2nd, 2013 · 1 Comment


We don’t know, but we can suspect that Jesus’ passage to a transformed consciousness, perhaps reaching Enlightenment on the cross

The idea that Jesus reached enlightenment on the cross is a New Age speculation that I passed off here without thinking. Who knows? I kind of doubt it, frankly. But whatever the case with Jesus the idea in various forms has been disastrous for Xtianity, because it associates enlightenment (or spiritual transformation) with extreme pain, or torture as martyrdom. The confusion has been monumental.

It is absolutely doubtful extreme pain can produce enlightenment (and we have no idea Jesus understood the concept)! Please, reflect, and drop this idea. It is far more likely that extreme pain will produce psychic shock, death, a bad bardo in which you lose consciosuness, and rapid rebirth with a psychic scar leaving you a neurotic mess. The best accounts we have suggest enlightenment is closer to relaxation (after strenuous meditation, no doubt).

The question of Jesus is Absolutely Obscure, and has never been clarified. And it would be pure speculation to think we could know the mindset of a dead man! Oops square and cubed.

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