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Jews, Gentiles, IQ and the Marx/Genju strategy

August 21st, 2013 · No Comments

We have stated some views on the questions of Jews, Gentiles, IQ, and pseudo-evolutionary/social darwinist explanations…:http://darwiniana.com/index.php?s=IQ+jews
It is a dangerous topic to discuss, and one false move and you land in prejudice. Since I am a critical philosemite with a different perspective it is probably OK to state my views, as in the linked posts above.
There is a lot of online stuff on this, as here:

This gives a broader set of explanations than mine, so I will cite is en passant. I should extend my views with a reference to the ‘eonic effect”: it is possible to argue, without sufficient evidence save direct correlation, that the primitive Israelites became the object of the ‘eonic slingshot’ effect which remorphs a local source in a directed effect that is completed at the end of the cycle, i.e. the onset of modernity. However, another look at the eonic effect reminds us that the focal areas and peoples in one set of transitions never have a second.
Jews who tend to preen their feathers (the indirect claims of IQ superiority are, let’s face it, a tactic of social domination) on these questions forget the overall context of their position in history: almost the whole of the modern transition was created by Gentile genius, with Jews entering explosively in its wake with second-tier achievements especially in science,etc… Look at the Darwin paradigm: all the people with the highest IQ’s are clueless on that theory’s problems.

I think a dangerous complacency has arisen with Jewish groups when the reality is that the intangible realm’ seems intent on avoiding seeding of cultural (but not scientific) innovations in Jewish sources. The reason is obvious: look at Israel. Any creative innovation becomes the ‘property’ of a closed group, where a similar seeding in Gentiles tends to be universal. We can see with Marx how this works, or should work, but didn’t: Marx was NOT jewish, but, technically, a Gentile, and yet his achievement has been turned into a Jewish cult with noticeable prejudice against the ‘stupid’ gentiles, spoken, or unspoken.
Marx is just on the borderline and shows both effects: Jewish and Gentile.

Secularists forget that there are spiritual influences behind the innovations of modernity, and, with the apt exception of Spinoza, this was almost entirely Gentile seeding. No coincidence, and not really connected with IQ.

I think, seeing this, and given the truly wretched example of Israel, Jews, as with Marx, should create a strategy of assimilation, or even partial assimilation (we have recommended the category of Genju culture, btw, the notion of a Jewish friend of mine who detested Jewish culture and anathematized Israel). Jews have wasted a whole generation on the mirage of Israel. I cannot fault downstream history here: that’s the way things happen, mostly mediocre. All I can say is that the outcome of Jewish smarts has been disappointing outside of the statistical shot in the arm created by the IQ phenomenon, which is completely misleading, because it assumes that this effect stretches to all of culture, which is false.

As for the left, the whole marx effect needs to be sidelined. Marx wasn’t that smart or original, and he is holding back the whole of the activist left. But his example reamins a telling one for Jews who will simply by IQ come to dominate the left, and then…nothing. The whole field will dawdle, because it won’t advance with Jewish domination. A new culture of Gentiles and Genjus, and a careful protection on the sidelines of older Jewish groups, increasingly narcissistic and doomed to a ‘smart’ decline, can create a new leftist foundation for postcapitalism, in the spirit of Marx’s determination to work on the basis of assimilation.
I apologize if any are offended by this, but we are at a critical impasse where our main chance is a spectacle of Jewish tragic heroes. Let’s recast the game beyond Xtians and Jews, for the sake of a broader humanity, without the Social Darwinist fiasco envisioned by those who are falsely fixated on IQ nonsense. Jews ply a secret hope of cultural leadership, if not domination, but his will only produce chaos, as in the case of Israel. And we should all be afraid of the Nietzschean logic of extermination and a new master race, the disease caught by Germans, which that philosopher lately foisted on Jews. This fantasy of a new man is hardly a core belief of most jews, but we see the effect in the dismal legacy of Israel, an almost automatic effect. Jews who think themselves so smart should look at the facts: will they very smartly destroy everything they touch? The first casualty has been Isreal, and the second American democracy, now a monstrosity controlled by AIPAC, apparently.
The lesson of history, pace the eonic effect, is that the participants and descendants of the Axial Age will not have a second coming, as it were. Their legacy will grow to assist the future of new peoples and new cultures, no more no less.

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