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Surveillance paranoia and 9/11

August 23rd, 2013 · 1 Comment

A Monitored Populace is a Compliant Populace … Until It Isn’t
Manning, Snowden and the U.S. Coup in Iran

With the CIA finally admitting the open secret this week that it and its counterparts in the British oil mafia (‘intelligence’ service) were behind the overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected leader Mohammad Mossadegh in a coup it orchestrated in 1953 the economic interests behind American geopolitics in the Middle East were partly revealed. Apparently left to be revealed another half century hence is the current open secret, that the U.S. war on and occupation of Iraq was also oil geopolitics sold to the always gullible American public as self preservation —‘attack them over there before they attack us over here.’ That from what is known the al Qaeda attacks of September 11, 2001 were ‘blowback’ for previous meddling to secure oil in Saudi Arabia should raise fundamental questions about truer motives for the ‘war on terror’ and whose interests the American and British oil mafias are really working in?

Surely one of the reasons for the surveillance state paranoia is the danger of exposing the real truth about 9/11: the conspiracy of hidden governmental action. There are probably many levels to the long history of coverups, hidden operations, and there is probably a layer that is not even the same as the government in place, increasingly, as with Bush and Obama, a front for the ‘deep state’, about which we can only speculate. It may be that this deeper level to the government, CIA(s) and military goes unrecorded in any the high level internet streams. Still, the trend to openness frightens the crypto-fascists in the know even if their secret of secrets uses channels unknown to us. We cannot yet penetrate this deeper state. If the CIA is a front and can’t discover the hidden ‘CIA’ behind the known level, we will be hardpressed to uncover the truth.
But beside Manning and Snowden we have the indefatigable efforts of 9/11 researchers who have shown the clear evidence for a ‘deep state’ in place, still an unknown enigma. That clear evidence shows the coordinated action of a covert sector, one that seems to have startled even Bush on that eleventh day morning, apparently getting his compliance by the afternoon, a group 1. able to override the chain of command for the air defense system in a stand down of chase plane jets, 2. able to use the early drone technology implanted in a series of commercial jets, 3. able to manipulate organizational structures in the Twin Tower complex sufficiently to implant explosives systematically (the occasion for that has been discovered) to create a controlled implosion, 4. the ability to convey to a broader group the insider information useful for making a killing on 9/11 on Wall street. The list goes on, and almost makes no sense, were the evidence not approaching the incontrovertible.

So the issue of NSA surveillance (we actually know the name of the agency involved, quite unlike the ‘deep state’ orgs) is the outer play of this overall complex. It seems that this complex must have left traces somewhere in the record of internet communication, but apparently there is a deeper level to all of it that we know nothing about. Still, it is not surprising that the nervous nellies in the gov.bureaucracy should leap out of their skins. Once the deep state is revealed, revolution will be the only option.

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