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Mr. Greenwald, you’re under surveillance from the left…For $250 million, …what should we conclude?

October 18th, 2013 · No Comments



I was a little leery of being so hard on Greenwld, but on second thought I may have been too mild.

We now learn that $250 million is involved. I fear we hve lost a leftist here, sellout time, but I may be wrong.
How is an ‘independent’ media organiztion going to help anything here?
What Greenwald does is no business of mine, but I had thought him a part of the marxist left.
We will see little of that in this new venture.
In fact we have heard little of that at any time. Greenwald is a chameleon, it seems the big bucks moment is here.
For $250 million I could stage a global revolution against capitalism, from the Whitehouse, after a revolutionary takeover of that domicile.
This is partly resentment on my part. We radical views, no friends on the left, I have no impulse to suck up to leftist celebrities, like Chomsky, and now evidently Greenwald. I think at least Mr. Greenwald should, after hijacking Snowden for his own career move should let other contacts mediate his work.
Meanwhile there are some good tests of media ‘changed my story’ mentation in action. let’s explore a short list of the things public intellectuals are forced to lie about, short list:
Mr. Greenwald, share with us and with Mr. Omidyar
You views on Karl Marx. socialism/communism, and revolution ((etc…
ditto for a revolutionary solution to capitalist neoliberalism
ditto ditto…market solutions to climate change…
How your views on Darwinism and the new dissent on that Social Darwinist paradigm
But the best test is
your take on 9/11: was this a covert government operation?

That’s an unkind question: you must either be a brainwashed idiot, or a liar on this one. Any new media org with that much money will be forced to lie on that question, we can predict.

I may have completely misjudged this situation. But because I suffer total ostracization, and inadequate funding to say the least, his kind of story is infuriating.
The entire academic establishment got darwinism wrong, and the neoliberal propaganda world is one part of the problem, beside bad science. So it takes outsiders like me to correct this at their own expense. So after ten years plus of blogging on the subject of Darwinism, my dissent is startting to bear fruit. But that job is economically on the margins. Just paying for website is hard. A little help would be nice, but it won’t happen.
So forgive me if I find the issue of $250 million for independent media a bit comical.

So long sucker, Mr. Greewnwald.
Prove me wrong

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