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Xtianity vs science

October 22nd, 2013 · No Comments


The question is somewhat meaningless in the form given: We might change the discourse by considering a different question, are Christianity and Science both wrong and doomed to kill each other off?

My point, first, is that this is such a vaguely posed antithesis that nothing much can come of it. But it is likely that our revised question hits on the reality: dialectical collision is the fate of partial truths.

I think that modern science is contracting around scientism and will sooner or later derail as the core public philosophy. If fact, scientists are so ignorant of history and that of modernity that they can’t seem to prevent a series of simple solutions to the problem. You could drop the fallacy of Darwinian pseudo-science, by doing a little science. But this is beyond the capacity of current science. Strange. A mechanization of thought has overcome the field.
Sooner of later then science is going to derail modernity. And science has created a monstrosity of egregious social darwinist Hobbesian sociology, oblivious to the effects of that. Sooner or later citizens will have to pronounce scientists incompetent and dangerous to society. Scientists have convinced near millions of dangerous social darwinists to the unspoken project of mass eugenic murder. The first episode is clear from history and yet goes unreckoned. Clearly scientific method can’t correct his slow motion train wreck. Scientism has successfully dumbed down the most intelligent, in part through narrow education.

Meanwhile Xtianity is itself suffering a kind of derailment of its place in modern society, even as it spreads to the Third World, its last refuge.
Xtianity is increasingly hard for modern individuals to make sense of and use. It tries to monopolize all religion, and then makes that a demand for unreasonable beliefs. Xtianity is based on faith, an unusual and confusing demand. That whole structure is starting to crumble, although is has been doing so for several centuries, still there. The worst thing about Xtianity is its public idiocy and deep depth of inscrutable subtlety. Prayer doesn’t really work: there is no quarter toward which you can direct an appeal for relief from contradictory mysteries. And there is a dangerous ‘magic circle’ falling apart and making the anathema of ‘antichrist’ the punishment for being half-way intelligent. Don’t believe me? Follow the mentally retarded legacies of the Catholic priesthood for a few months, and you will come away disgusted by the stupidity in motion. Day old news for ‘new atheists’ who are actually very poor critics. Their attack on all religion without usually attacking monotheism, or else Xtianity, completely confuses the issue. The whole of human religion takes up a huge territory, and Xtianity is a very late concoction in that history.

Etc, etc… the whole debate between Xtianity and science is a sort of ‘let them kill each other off’ in motion.

Look at the history of Xtianity and Buddhism. In two thousand years plus Xtianity suppressed the knowledge of human potential reached via meditation: the path to enlightenment. No good claiming noone knew any better. Clearly Xtianity is a closed system of social conditioning that freezes people in place, and keeps them from real development.

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