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A new model of history for a post-marxist neo-communist project

October 25th, 2013 · No Comments

Last and First Men will attempt to take the material of WHEE: see WHEE online and use that for a larger map of world history for a leftist project of neo-communism.
The so-called macro model of the ‘eonic effect’ is a light year ahead of the stodgy ‘historical materialism’, but shows that world history is super-complex, far to complex for a theory of the marxist type. Instead we try a simple outline which itself reflects a suspected dynamic, and we recount the chronicle of that history and it dynamics short of a theory. If you propose a theory of world history as science you fail in the first step, free agency. So why bother?
I fear the macro model is too complicated at first sight, with a few speculative elements of its own, so Last and First Men will try a simpler version, one with an empirical basis, and that allows issues of former theory, such as the teleological question, to be discussed as hypotheses in an informal context. The economic interpretation of history is part of the problem and marxism is mired in it, with its cryptic bourgeois capitalist hurrahs in the background, or the unconscious. We need instead a robust world history based on its full diversity.
But the macro model is not a theory, and can’t be refuted as such. It is an outline of civilizations, and the speculative elements intrude they can be sidelined. The claims of the larger model can be addressed as extensions, or suggestions, but are not necessary.
Trying to make an entire movement of leftists true believers in marxism was a hopeless failure. Time to move on.
The real issue is to define a form of postcapitalism, and to move via a movement, revolutionary or electoral, or both, to a global solution to a global problem. Every time something new comes to the fore, Marxists butt in with their perennial sophistries, long refuted, and reproduce the same old deadlock.
A first task is to demolish the Darwinian obsession, and the pseudo-science of Darwin, that has pervaded classic marxism, and corrupted it. It is hard to see how a cadre of clunkers like the current marxist could overcome Darwinian religion. But a new generation can use the macro model to see that in practice, whatever the case with deep time, a theory of the Darwin type of random evolution will never work as a basis for the left. We can move on to something new.
Full stop. The Old Left will never be able to make that step. It is not hard, but I fear it is beyond them. So we need a new left altogether to start over with a set of perspectives that can refresh the idea of communism, as if to begin all over again before the point that the idea was appropriated by Marx/Engels.
It is hard to see how a movement as ossified as the marxist could respond to anything at this point. And the result will no doubt will the usual round of boycott tactics. But once in print I think that the critique will work in spite of itself, and slowly change the perspective of the left on its failed old theories.

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