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Klein calls for revolt…

October 30th, 2013 · 1 Comment


We are relinking to this article by Naomi Klein for its acute analysis, and open admission of the need for revolt.
But that opens a wide and confusing field of leftist possibilities, and pitfalls. This post from yestereday is toned down, and I hope it is still coherent. We can re-address this issue very soon.

We have no real ideological basis anymore for such a revolt. I think that marsism no longer foots the bill. Between the OWS and its anarchism and the Gandhian assumptions of many (e.g. Chris Hedges), calling for a revolt amounts to not much.
This should be an occasion for marxists, but they wiil I fear be unequal to the task.

In Last and First Men I am trying to jump-start the net equivalent to marxism under a different rubric of theory, a larger environment that can move beyond historical materialism, with a critique of Marx’s rather poor theory, Engels’ equally confused takes on the dialectics of nature, etc… Marxism is now being rehyped on the grounds that Marx and Engels saw the ecological crisis all along.
Look at the Second Internationale, and the books of some of its members, from Kautsky to Bernstein. The second rate character of all of it was brought on by the confusing character of marxism. We don’t need theory. We need a practical critique of marginalist economies, and a plan for a communist system. I doubt if my formulation will be popular, at first. But I think it will be hard to ignore, although most on the left will try. We need something better that fashionable celebrity leftists who are too discrete to discuss 9/11.
I think we are out of time for Marxism at this point, but it is the only option with all the elements required. So, at least, it provides a basic model. We need the same, except better. Time to ditch the marx-mania, but doing that in such a way as to rewrite the important core of that nexus.

The issue of climate change is likely to be pseudo-radicalized by the single issue activism of climate scientists.
How are we going to deal with climate change without challenging capitalism?
The result is too likely to punish the working class for the sins of the capitalists, who will be let off with some version of their capitalism, with a new elite of semi-constrained capital formations, those able to play ball on climate science, but leaving the basic system intact.
We need some real revolutionaries with a clear format that is the net equivalent of marxism minus its frozen dogmatic form. Let’s say a prayer that these real revolutionaries will not be Stalins, or Trotsky’s, but at some point a dangerous despair will open the door to some strange outcomes. We need to realize that the problem is larger than climate change. Just fixing the latter will end up in a new form of elite domination.

It is time to decide now about what we mean by revolution: a real revolution beyond capitalism is going to be a really frightening war against the powers that be. It is hard to see how that could happen. It won’t be led by the current leadership on the left that can’t even expose the 9/11 fascism at play.

All we can do is start the process in motion, and try to create a set of corrections of marxism without compromising the basis issues.

Anyway, Klein’s opener is invaluable, and we can expect it to change the center of gravity of discussion.

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