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Witches of the world unite??? Kidding maybe

October 31st, 2013 · 2 Comments

This is an interesting article on the issue of witches, but I think that the subject requires caution. To proclaim, witches of the world unite, implies that witches are exploited workers, evidently implying their activities should be encouraged. The nature of those activities is not specified. I doubt that ‘witches’ are exploited, but they have certainly been the victim of false accusations and unjust trials and witchburnings. The Enlightenment put a stop to witchburning on the grounds of mutual superstition. Now the tide has turned, and everyone has some explaining to do. The next charge against the New Atheists will be that they made Xtians give up their magic circle: easily exploited thereafter.
So how does the magical square with secularism, if god flunks the test?

Anyway, the rising power of feminism is to point to a set of rights. But that does not include the right to be a witch: the question does not compute, and is undefined. That does not imply either the absence of such a right.
My lack of enthusiasm is that black magic hurts people, and should not be condoned in principle, however powerless to stop it in practice.
Let me point out that the male brand is far worse, and passing out of control as ‘secular’ culture begins to churn out tens of thousands of amateur Crowley fans embracing satanic evil in a state of adolescent enthusiasm. Check the Yahoo groups for discussion lists on these issues. An immense subpopulation is emerging with neither skill or wisdom here, male and female.
It is important to note that while it is good to endorse the rights of feminist activism, that doesn’t include the right to hurt others using witchcraft. Ditto for the male brand. But as the Xtian consensus falls apart, the world of magical chaos will become very common, and insidious.
The correct stance, for me, is to not be tempted, pass beyond occult empowerment without entanglement, and move to the higher path of enlightenment. Those on the path to enlightenment are often without occult empowerment, and need to learn self-defense using simple awareness, careful attempts to study one’s unconscious, and sufficient composure to not pursue a path of revenge against attempted harm.
The canonical case was the battle of Buddha with the demon Mara. We are given no details, but the basic plot is the discovery via mediation that devils wish to control your unconscious. If that doesn’t scare you, your case may be hopeless.
(There have been a lot of benign cases here. Catherine Cookson has a interesting portrait of a ‘white whitch’ with her herbal lore in (as late as) nineteenth century Ireland.)

The world of ‘magic’ created by Aleiter Crowley (Do What Thous Wilt, etc…) is going to soon be the object of buyers remorse among secularists (and maybe even the CIA). People will feel homesick for Xtianity.
This is a dangerous genre: Faust never actually gets to meet Mephistopheles, and ends in hell anyway.

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