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Is Naomi Klein innocent of witchcraft? a paranoid commenter makes the charge

November 1st, 2013 · 2 Comments


I was about to delete this comment, but suddenly realized that it reflects something about the issues raised yesterday:
http://darwiniana.com/2013/10/31/witches-of-the-world-unite-kidding-maybe/#comment-443772: Witches of the world unite??? Kidding maybe

The article advocates universal adoption of witchcraft as a measure to feminist liberation. I guess that is what it says. That is, at least, what it seems to say: Witches of the world unite…. A parody of the famous leftist phrase. The article is a disaster, and will subject every lefist female to paranoid suspicions of witchcraft.

Important question at this point: Is it true? Is Naomi Klein innocent of witchcraft? See the problem: should every female leftist be asked to answer such a question? BUT…should the objects (victims) of witchcraft be denied a hearing because witchcraft is now a normative given, a right. What the blazes does ‘witchcraft’ mean? Black magic against monks to make them have sex explosions? One of the old stanbys.
No that’s not it, witchcraft is the highest purest, etc etc….
The issue of witchcraft is not subject to rules of evidence: it is impossible to verify the charges of accusers, and the inherent nature of witchcraft is acts performed in secret, again subject to no rules of evidence. It is a disastrous situation.

It is also one-sided. Male magicians are far worse in this case.

But note the way that witchcraft, an act performed in anonymous secrecy here asks for public openness and acceptance. Acceptance of what, a closer world of witches acting in secret with spells and, what, malevolent curses, or …benign blessings…?

Has Naomi Klein been slandered, forced to clear her name? (She could probably ignore this case, but…) Or is the paranoiac roughly right? If it is the case that ‘witches of the world should unite’, possibly implicating tens of thousands of women who know nothing of magic, couldn’t learn any, and would embark on botched magical practices as experiments…

I could go on a long time with the absurdities of this Alternet article.

I would suggest to paranoid males who think they are victims that the record of female witchcraft is not very compelling. I could be wrong, but I think the real danger is from males. Still, it is true that ‘magic’ performed against the will of the victim is almost always a step into evil. Perhaps this feminist witch was thinking of something else. There is no clear common language or conceptual framework for references to ‘witches’, witchcraft, magic. The current culture of scientism cannot understand the issue of ‘magic’ and might well endorse witchcraft as solidarity in the new atheist campaign, on the assumption it is all harmless nonsense. The Christian stance, often deluded, but often better aware of the dangers, with an offer of protection to men and women equally, will be torn down and replaced with…what?

So, it is an open possibility: Naomi Klein can issue a denial, dismiss the question in contempt, none of your business, etc…But in the end the whole question of witchcraft can only turn rancid. And paranoid persons, victims in reality or imagination can often end up in violent reactions.

The gist: it is malevolent to use blackmagic on the will of another without their consent or awareness. So, unless the author of this Alternet article was talking about something else, the article itself is a problem.

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