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A last post on (feminism and) witchcraft in the context of Egyptian religion

November 6th, 2013 · No Comments

This was the last piece on the wicca/witchcraft question discussed here. It shows fatigue, and is unproofed, so I banished it to The Gurdjieff Con. But it raises some interesting issues (which I can’t solve) about Egyptian religion, which is hard to understand.
At a time when scientism can’t handle buddhism, which is relatively clear, the question of Egyptian religion is not likely to find clarity, especially after having it filtered through the confusing perspective of someone like Aleister Crowley. But the mystery of Egyptian religion is a stubborn one, and awaits a more convergent achaeology of the world epoch, still far too obscure to us now.

On a day we have discussed issues of science and scientism, with figures like Harris and Shermer, the subject of witchcraft must seem the indulgence of the fantastic…So it goes. The larger world of modernity is currenly bursting the bonds of the classic rational enlightenment, for good or evil.
The drastic contrast is remarkable, and I fear that Egyptian religion will escape the charge of woo, if we knew what it was. but we can’t really recover easy knowledge of what that was.

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