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The braindead left can resurrect from coma if….

November 11th, 2013 · No Comments

http://anticapitalists.org/2013/11/11/revolutionary-organisations-operate/: How should revolutionary organisations operate?

I find this analysis opaque: the article can’t answer its own question. The question of feminism seems to have defeated this group. It shouldn’t be that hard.
But in general, the communist left was one of the pioneers in promoting feminism, so why the confusion?
I don’t know. But the issue shouldn’t distract from the larger reason the left is stalled. The non-revolutionary left is currently in the ascendant, and have eaten the left’s lunch. Noone wants to bother with those who stutter when the issue of Stalinism comes up.

The solution is to realize that the communist idea was the legacy of the French Revolution, and doesn’t belong to marxists, whose formulation is so ‘brilliant’ that noone can see its flaws.
The remedy is to take communism back from marxists, freely using that legacy ‘in the footnotes’, so to speak, and doing the hard work of starting over.
Needed is a shelving of historical materialism. In a period of a thousand new age movements, histomat is grotesque. Drop it for a different view of history.
The marxist obsessions with whether Marx predicted this or that is a waste of time: the value theory and economic reasoning is mostly obsolete. Marginal economics is crying out for a serious critique.
Communists must label themselves “the new communists” and expose the legacy of the Second Internationale..
The failure of the proletariat must be faced. That abstraction isn’t going to lead a revolution. It was a mistake to think so. The revolutionary left should be about a universal class, possibly with the proletariat given a central place, but open to those who we can see are the real radicals. The universal class makes the issue of class warfare more realizable, not as warfare, but as a dissolution of class. Making proletarians the topdogs in a new system that will de-grade all other classes has to be the wrong strategy…

The proletariat is nonetheless the crucial focal point. But the ‘revolution’ now could never be national. The proletariat for the Iphone diddlers is carefully displaced to the Coltan mines of Congo, and the factories of China, courtesy of capitalism, which has made the problem global.

The list goes on…The task of renewal is essential if the revolutionary left is to recover any momentum. That requires new parties, organizations, and premises, with new texts, without Marx fetishism or Second Internationale dogmatism
The dialectic, historical materialism have confused all who have attempted to master them. Throw them out as bad porridge.
Coltan miners and Iphone exploitees of the world unite….

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