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Neo-communism and globalization

November 14th, 2013 · No Comments

Posts on New Communism…: the idea of communism is at first sight a non-starter given its legacy, and in the context of the resurgence of anarchist thinking in the OWS (see Translating Anarchy, and Thank You, Anarchy). But the feat of total surveillance of phones, etc, shows that the control of markets, thought impossible, is coming within the range of possibility.

check out his classic on the attempt to computerize the price matrix, said to an unrealistic project: http://www.amazon.com/Towards-New-Socialism-Paul-Cockshott/dp/0851245455/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1384455866&sr=1-1&keywords=towards+a+new+socialism Unrealistic we had thought, but now the surveillance of entire phone systems is getting routine!
The project in this book invokes something perhaps still impossible, but the general monitoring of capitalist systems globally is given free reign, while the phonecalls, all of them whatsoever, are now monitored. Another myth of the free market ironically seems exposed…
The idea of a new communism must create a caesura with the legacy of Bolshevism and take up the question of global systems, and federated local systems, with legal control of the entire capitalist network for aberrant criminal behavior, e.g. scofflaw climate destruction behaviors, within inhibiting the factor of local initiative. If the NSA can control the entirety of phonecalls they are surely ready to map the price/matrix of the commodity system, long said to require total free market laissez-faire. The left is in an ironic position of trying to both mimic the top-down control systems now escalating in pseudo-democracies, where the OWS is too lopsided on the anarchist front (although its foundational influence might well influence a robust communism 2.0).
The flow of dialectic is full of messages about what will boomerang to lead to its opposite: the current ides of surveillance boomerang to propose freedom from government surveillance, while globalization run amuck boomerangs to a dialectic of greater control of aberrant markets. We are confronted with a truly difficult balance in the creation of a global system of states with a local effect of anarchist liberty. But, in any case, the gross fiction that markets left to themselves will self-regulate is exposing itself as the fallacy it is.
There is no simple one-way solution to the problem in the juggling of totalizing/totalitarian and anarchist/free market contradictions which tend to contradict all simplistic points of view, left or right.

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