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Is Sam Harris a Jewish chauvinist???? the jewish ‘new atheist’ sacred/secular switcheroo deception //the old Freud strategy

November 17th, 2013 · No Comments

One more post on the tasteless issue of assimilation and the Jewish so-called secularism. Harris’ offensive behavior is a strange hypocrisy: as a Jew he has all the benefits of religion under a false switcheroo secular/Jewish identity.
The impression given by Sam Harris in his ‘new atheist’ tirades is ambiguous. We have, btw, had several posts on the issue of assimilation by Jews.
If the question weren’t already hopeless I would recoment that all jewish new atheists assimilate at once. Anything else is hypocrisy. You are playing two sides of the fence, a strategy one suspects in Harris (who I assume is Jewish, correct?), perhaps unconsciously. To be ‘Jewish’ is to be a part of a traditional religion. To denounce the beliefs of non-Jews and still remain in that religion is hypocritical. If you don’t think so look at the religion/secularissm switcheroo ripoff in modern Israel.
This strategy was very evident in Freud who destested Xtianity, but had a very strong Jewish attachment. The strategy is obvious: Xtians are protected behind a wall of Xtianity. Break down that barrier for the ‘business’, the lucrative privatization of religion with the big bucks religion substitute of psycholanalysis.

I make these statements, and will let Harris respond to the issue of Jewish assimilation via new atheism and a post-Judaic identity.

Jews and Xtians need to exit their ‘religion’ together, and erode the cultural isolation of Jewish culture whose behavior in isolation, witnes the horror of Israel, ends up exploitative and in the case of Israel absolutely contrary to international law, and everything else. The ‘secular’ Jewish expoitation of Israel is a pretty sick situation, and it is an lmost impossible strategy of domination because it plays on two chameleon states, religious and secular.

So Mr. Harris promoting religion even as he denounces the religion in non-Jews.

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