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Xtians need an exit strategy

November 17th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Yesterday I proposed that Xtians simply abandon Xtianity: the religion has reached a critical state of corruption. The questions of Israel and Ayn Rand rightwing market/mania Xtians will/has destroyed this religion.

I think Xtians need an exit strategy. I strongly suspect the mysterious ‘cosmic Jesus/Christ’ factor is totally disgusted with this religion, and will support such an exit strategy. The traditional magic circle of that religion is falling apart. Those spiritual entities are not amenable to human communication, and most probably put Judaism/Xtianity on automatic millennia ago.
This exit requires care, and some deliberation, because it is not the same as something like the New Atheism which has confused the issue. And it can’t be led by politicians who are mostly psychopaths, now trying to assimilate the morality of drone assassination, etc…
To exit Xtiantiy is not the same as adopting an atheist viewpoint. But it might require seeing the way Xtianity has corrupted the legacy of prayer, and worship with completely infantile forms of worship and conceptions of god.
The New Atheism has appeared like a kind of garbage disposal for religion. I have been critical of it, but I can’t change the situation wherein the spiritual powers behind Xtianity are dropping their support. Xtianity has performed its historical function, and in a new era, the legacy of the Axial Age is becoming too remote.
In any case, to exit Xtianity is not the same as adopting some cult of scientism and adopting the authority, so-called, of science as a substitute. The spiritual domain is real, but you are losing access to that via Xianity. Both Xtianity and Judaism are historical wreckage at this point.
Begin to move away via intelligent agnosticism, study of religious history, survey of the forms of religion, study of the basis of secularism in the Reformation, and the way in which figures like Kant and Hegel tried to create the first forms of the exit strategy for a new age: that’s the point…Xtianity (and Judaism) are falling out of synch with the new age of the future under formation.
Be alert and open to rapid motion toward the new, giving the inevitable idiocy of the first attempts to exit.

I am not a religious leader, so these remarks, although probably better than tghe inanities of religious priesthood are simply philosophical intuitions with a slight spiritual element, no more.

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