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Mathematical neo-classical economics: mathematics as a tool of ideology

November 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

Public opinion on the left isn’t quite there yet, but the perspective of Last and First Men tries to take the whole crew past Darwinian ideology, and beyond marxist fixation. The perspective of the Second Internationale was a powerful one for its time, but it will not produce anything like the effect it had then on contemporary publics. http://last-and-first-men.com/LFMfinal_2013_preface_only2.pdf tries to show a way to step out of an old conditioning to rethink the whole legacy. In fact, that is a lot easier than one might think: the ‘grand theory’ of historical materialism, set aside, leaves ‘mental room’ for a simpler perspective, and probably far closer to science: the idea of capitalism as a stage of history is a fixation for left and right, but it is a fallacy to think so. We need to evade the wrong assumptions of the older Marx dogma, and simply confront the phenomenon of capitalism as an aberration of a civilized form of economics. The idea of the historical inevitability of capitalism is in the process of producing a catastrophe, so we need to wake up immediately from the hypnosis created by economists. If might help to boycott mathematical neo-classical economics as a set of mystifications that can fool everybody with fallacies couched in complex mathematics. We need to look at economies directly without the sophistries of pseudo-science that are used to justify all sorts of exploitative delusions.

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