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Mr. Chomsky, you can’t manufacture leftist consent on 9/11…this video suggests you are a plain liar

November 28th, 2013 · No Comments

And pathetic article from Huffpost, as if the 9/11 exposes were about to go away because of Chomsky’s fiat!!

This video from Chomsk on 9/11 conspiracy theories reaches a new low, and as you watch this you have to wonder where he is coming from at this point: he has suddenly begun to realize the falsity of his position, and almost looks like he is lying in this video.
His appeal to the ‘experts’ is pathetic: this is pure obfuscation, there are dozens of experts exposing the 9/11 deception. Chomsky, to be sure, is being confronted by one questioner with the Achilles Hell question, what about WTC7?

I fail to grasp Chomsky’s stance here: it is self-destructive, and this video alone exposes Chomsky as a complete idiot.
Chomsky’s motivation is hard to understand: perhaps it is a lifetime habit that has led him into a ditch.

I fail to see why this is so hard for Chomsky. I changed my mind here in 2007 and said so on this blog. So what’s the big deal here: Chomsky has some fantasy of leftist leadership. It just went defunct.

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