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Confusing darwinism and evolution

December 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

Coyne exhibits science chauvinism as usual in this attack on creationists. The term ‘creationism’ should be qualified to mean fundamentalist Christian creationists, a group suffering especial confusion, no doubt. But, we should note in passing, that some form of ‘creationism’ tends to haunt all theories of the Big Bang type. They just don’t call it that. Be that as it may, Coyne exhibits the frequent confusion between statements about evolution and statement about Darwinism, in the usual attempt to collate the two. It is outrageous to claim that all critics of ‘evolution’ (meaning Darwinism?) are religious. Darwinism is a bad theory and a secularist scientist such as Sore Lovtrup is a critic of Darwinism but not evolution. There are hundreds and thousands of such scientists, most of them too afraid, if not cowardly, to speak plainly on the subject. And there are (religious) critics of Darwinism who accept evolution, from the point of view, however debatable, of (Intelligent) Design.
The science stance on evolution is in reality so confused and extreme in its reductionist scientism that it drives all sorts of people to reject it.

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