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Already a classic: Toward a New Socialism

December 6th, 2013 · No Comments


This is the website for Toward a New Socialism, with a lot of useful material. The text of Economics and Utopia (another author) has a good history of the decades long project descibed in this book. It starts with an idea that free market fanatics would reject out of hand: a computational matrix for the price data, etc, of all commodities in an economy.

At the rate that computers are developing, the computational reach of computer models should soon reach into the trillions for the matrices of the type used by economists.
The idea doesn’t have to be fully realizable to serve the thinking needed for a postcapitalist transition.
Free marketeers will wail that this is a ludicrous impossibility. We will see who gets the last laugh. The idea, in any case, is an initial exercise in search of the postcapitalist economy.
Now with the discovery that the NSA wants to record all the cell phone data of whole countries, soon still larger entities, the poophpoohing of the idea in this book are seen for what they are, obfuscation.

If governments can collect taxes on all the corporations in their realm, I fail to see how the idea of the price matrix and its computations are impossible.

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