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The Human Brain Project

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RG mail
The Human Brain Project technology is taught in exclusive United States
dental colleges all over the European Union as well as in other continents
as in Japan, South Korea,Malaysia, Australia and Britain and are surely
being installed in the wealthier African States that as yet hold no wars.

In fact the commercial monopoly the United States makes sure it always
enjoys, systematically and repeatedly destroys European Union International
Humanitarian Laws. The EU Commission pushed through an EU monopoly law
that gives final control over whatever is put in your teeth or brain to the
surgeons that implanted it and could remove it.Refusal to remove them is
common. Threats of throwing the complainer to groups of psychiatrists are
common, and effectively intimidate most. Especially have they a job or

As Robert Naeslund states no dictatorship in human history has ever had
such control over human behaviour and will. There are those among us in
power who applaud this Brain Project ability as a key to the ‘voluntary’
union of European nations, when it is in fact a careful extension of the
Third Reich power to a final solution only dreamed of previously. TPP and
it’s clones are to legalise it.

As you will hear in this translated video, the European Commission approved
the continuation of the mass implantation of brain chips on unsuspecting
citizens living normal lives. Their only recommendation was that debates
start side by side with open explanations of the procedures and desired
outcomes in only medical teaching seminars. This ‘debate’ is begun but is
skewed to continued tightly guarded secrecy and closely related targeted
assassinations that seem as if normal deaths. Since cremation is the usual
mode of EU state burial systems, cemetery land being so inadequate on the
European continent, all proofs of brain implants rise in smoke.

Since the initial brain implants were tested on United States’s prisoners
probably since the 1940s, Bush 11 legalised this practice right after the
9/11/2001 Federal Coup, using the US Presidential Civil War Era Signing
Statements, not needing to go through either the House nor the Senate.
Debate was non-existant. Few know these exist (147 of them by Bush 11
alone) and have been made permanent law under Barack Obama. They are
stored in very few places.But are findable as under US empire war laws,
they are actionable… In secret tribunals.

They obviate civil, national or international laws, trade agreements and
transfer of data agreements from the end of the 20th century with Britain
to the present indicating that the world war on human rights is succeeding
beyond the wildest dreams of those who have fought to establish it’s utter
control abilities since the end of WW1.

WW1 was the direct result of the American lawless stock markets that
brought on the Great Depression world wide.The WW1 Reparations led directly
to such poverty across the continent, Hitler was seen as a saviour of it.
Russia won WW11, not the US/UK. Russia could obviously exterminate the US
takeover of the European continent so the next 60 years were devoted to
destroying Russia.

Note Coca Cola’s intrusion into mind control. The usefulness of corporate
governance. Corporations dislike humans. Unlabelled Genetically Modified
Salmon is in all EU omnivorous grocery store chains. US citizens are still
fighting to have it at least labelled as stopping Monsanto deadly products
seems impossible under world war presidents. Banning Coke might be a
start. Suzanne

Robert Naeslund: The Human Brain Project

by unitedtis

The history of Cybernetics is the history of the human brain project.
It was developed as a collaboration between the Military Research Agency
and major hospitals in the world. Other terms are man-machine-interaction,
man-system-interaction and bio-telemetry.

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