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Where have all the revolutions gone?

January 31st, 2014 · No Comments


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We have discussed this question directly in several posts today. Revolution seems to have disappeared for the very good reason that two centuries after the Great Divide, the macro induction effect is long gone.
But that is too abstract and general. The basic reason is obvious from our analysis: People storm the barricades for freedom and democracy. But now they already have ‘democracy’ as the newsworthy conservative or middling opinion would point out. So the gesture stalls and becomes befuddled. But something new has happened: the abstract framework of markets is itself anti-democratic. People don’t really have fundamental economic choices.
Let us note that the phenomenon of capitalist modernity occurred outside the democratic revolutions, but in parallel. A confusion arose. Those revolutionary social contracts never addressed the economic question. And yet the suspicion of a kind fo hidden social contract emerged from those revolutions. Small wonder the first generation after the French and American Revolutions felt they had been cheated. Communism, then, is an attempt to recast those (democratic) revolutions in light of the capitalist tide which was synchronous, but distinct, from revolutionary democracy. The whole discussion of rights and liberties was never done properly and yet is now frozen in a form that drives everyone crazy, unless they are the 1%.

Clearly the definitions of democratic rights were faulty. Marxists were driven to outright contempt for rights. Not surprising, but the solution ought to be to remain within rights discourse and subject private property to the rights and issues of the Commons, etc….

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