History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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The Collins/Huffnpuff post brand of Xtian-darwinism nonsense compromise on evolution

February 6th, 2014 · No Comments


This article regurgitates the phony-baloney Darwinism of the ‘secular religious’ types, viz. Collins, Arianna HuffNPuff, and those in powers of social influence who have to lie in public on the subject of evolution. Or their views may be sincere, but so confused by the hedge of evolution against religion that their views don’t maike any sense/You can’t really reconcile the questions of human consciousness and ethics with darwinism. To claim so is almost a worse way to undermine Xtianity than via skepticism. It makes no sense to hybridize Xtian theology and darwinism.

The inability of modern culture, secular religious or secular humanist, to get the evolution question straight is a severe indictment. As usual I recommend a look at WHEE, but because this perspective is not compatible with the standard robot/social ideology routines made normative, the potential help here is lost.
I think that, as the Nye-Ham debate shows, both sides are wrong, and indulging a useless debate.

If science is to be real it has to be able to expose the flaws in Darwinism. But over a century it has failed, and regressed after an earlier near success. That is an alarming situation.

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