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Polite fuck you to the Greenwald caper //after a routine ‘good luck’

February 13th, 2014 · No Comments


We have protested already today (scroll down) the refusal of Darwinists and ID groups to communicate or exchange links with our site.

But I should protest the same from the left. In ten plus years on the Internet I have never received so much as an email from anyone on the left. Zero.
Perhaps I am better off that way. It is part of the refusal to communicate with Darwin critics, or critics of marxism (from semi-marxists).

On that score I should pass in comment on the new Greenwald operation. I support and will support this, and have linked to the stories coming out. But I must have misunderstood this operation. It looks fishy to me.
Greenwald and his group got a truly stunning $200 million plus, for what exactly, while everyone else gets nothing. $200 million!? plus. For a fancied up blog site. I run this blog here on food stamps, and have a hard time paying my webhost. A very small amount of money could help, but year after year, nothing, nothing but hatred, and crypto-Stalinist vibes ‘we’ll liquidate you when the time comes’. Well, you won’t. I’ll beat you to the draw. A pity, I have no real quarrel with these people, that I can a think of.
But, again, I think this situation has helped me to think without conformist pressures. We have almost brought down the Darwin paradigm, and this blog has been one of the underground reasons, next to the ID groups, whose tactics have initiated and the stalled a paradigm change.

As far as the Greenwald situation is concerned, I am sorry to burn my bridges here so prematurely, but the Greenwald gang is still another group whose work I will cite here, but never get a simple hello in return. You can bet on it. But I don’t understand the facts here, so will demur. But it is incomprehensible to me that so much money goes into one group for dressed up blogs that we produce here for fifty dollars a month, and food stamps.
So fuck you Greenwald. The burden is on you to prove you haven’t been bought and paid for.
I suspect this journalism will
never talk about revolution, communism, socialism
never discuss the 9/11 conspiracy theories


Anyway, I shouldn’t complaim. I don’t have the facts here, and we are better off working is isolation, so…next case.

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