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The plight of Xtian capitalist ideology and the revolutionary Xtian communism of Thomas Munzer

February 15th, 2014 · 1 Comment


Capitalism brought to you by religion? Stark cites the literature refuting Weber (important, no doubt) but Stark’s thinking in this article) but his own thinking shows the very (Reformation) effect of the modern hybrid of capitalist ideology and Reformation Xtianity (Calvinism, Luther the crypto-bourgeois, etc…). I acknowledges requires careful scholarly scrutiny and it is not in any case of sticking too closely to Weber. But Weber’s insight is ironic here.

To the Bible Belt capitalist monolith I could only offer the warning that the extreme to which they have taken the theme of Xtian capitalism almost forces us at this point to ditch Xtianity and move on to new postcapitalist insight.

NOTHING in the legacy of the mysterious figure called Jesus suggests anything whatsoever to do with capitalist ideology. If anything, the suggestion is of th ur-communist.
Beyond this we should recall that the complexity of the Reformation is lost to us: in the same decades that Luther ignited the Reformation the parallel figure of Thomas Munzer propelled the reform of Xtianity to the seed birth of modern communism. It remains to be seen if a new revolutionary Xtianity can emerge from the quagmire of putrid Xtianity to found a new Xtian religion for the era of communist postcapitalism.

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