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Greenwald et al. get a booby prize…so long suckers…

February 18th, 2014 · No Comments

RG mail

The Guardian 17 February 2014 Journalists who broke NSA story in Guardian
receive George Polk Awards• Ewen MacAskill, Glenn Greenwald and Laura
Poitras honoured• Polk curator: repercussions of NSA ‘will be with us for
years’ By Martin Pengelly in New York*

The three journalists who broke the National Security Agency revelations
from Edward Snowden in the Guardian are among the recipients of the
prestigious 2013 George Polk Awards in Journalism.

Bully for these bloques, they get an award, and a huge number of millions from the founder of Ebay for a new media venture.
While I support the work on surveillance issues, I am baffled that this narrow effort gets over $200 million from a suspect source
to fuel a question mark venture.

That amount of money could reinvent the left at a moment of crisis and fuel a global movement. Instead it goes down the drainpipe for a venture
that doesn’t need that amount of investment.

This Greenwald caper will amount to a net blog. You can rent a web host for $10 a month, and get a free wordpress theme that looks better than the one they are using. $200 million for a blog??? We have demolished darwinism here at this blog for a shoe string. I live on foodstamps, while the entire horde of academic specialists can barely think about evolution.

I think that this donation from Mr. Ebay is a subtle attempt to be something else than what it is. Meanwhile the real left is left with very little to work with. As noted her before, with $200 millions one could probably fund a revolutionary movement that could actually make some headway.
Maybe that was the point.

In any case, I don’t think I want Greenwald for a friend. So long sucker.

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