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A risky question: why are so many ‘boy, we’re smart’ jews so stuck on darwinism?

March 5th, 2014 · No Comments

This could/should be rewritten to ask: why are so many smart scientists stuck on darwinism?
This ia a valid question, and by no means a prejudiced one (least of all against jews).

We have tried to explain this here before, discretely. This is the first time the question has taken sledge hammer form. It is serious question because Jews have considerable prestige due to their smarts in many fields. If they make claims in the name of science, they sound convincing. But in the realm of darwinism, all these groups flunk out suddenly. But the result confuses people because they assume these smart people can’t be wrong on evolution. Especially is those dratted ID folk are in dissent.
This is a misleading situation.

We have actually suggested the answer here many times, in hushed tones: smart people get fast-tracked in an academic groove with its self-reinforcing feedback on successful course work. If the course work is in darwinism or evolutionary biology then the self-amplification tends to make almost fanatic darwinists, egged on by their peers to go out and defend the faith. That the ID groups might have a good critique of darwinism never seems to register. That those ID critiques ultimately came from scientists again doesn’t seem to register.
This situation has helped to make evolutonary science retarded. Period, over and out. These groups need to take a wake up call. The prestige of science is going to suddenly plummet as the reality sinks in that the smartest period have made on of the biggest mistakes in the history of science. With no interior ability to correct that mistake.

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