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Xtianity: a exit strategy

March 9th, 2014 · 1 Comment

The legacy of Xtianity is that of a very powerful dynamism, but you can’t really turn this religion into a money racket without giving it the coup de grace and delivering it over to gangsters.
The mainstream Protestant churches need to face the reality that the moment of garbage disposal is at hand and the response to Xtian capitalism is the source Protestantism of Thomas Munzer, the proto Xtian prophet of communism. That is perhaps the demonic irony of the degeneration of the Xtianity in the market capitalist world: it is preparing to disappear, and/or to become its dialectical opposite in a form of Xtianity that can be a neo-communist testament of the passing of the capitalist world.

This remmant needs an exit strategy: a religion in transit that can dump its now grotesque legacy that is turning putrid and walk away in dignity. This is not a conversion to atheism, or an embrace of the strangely limited worldview of so-called secularism in the field of scientism.
The question of god is a hopeless metaphysical quagmire: the original form of theism at the down of monotheism was very reluctant to allow god reference and pointed to a mystery beyond the term ‘god’ whose usage as a kind of pop religious superstition rapidly took over the original now lost. Look at the reality of theistic behaviorism, a hopeless mess of total gibberish. We have to suspect the decline of IHVH into ‘Jehovah’ was almost instantaneous: therefore the connection to its real source was lost almost immediately.
The world task of Xtianity has long since been accomplished, and the world is moving to something new. The inability of intelligent Xtians to get past the central dogmatic core is feeding the extreme reactions of groups like the new atheists. A better exit strategy is possible. But time is not only running out, it has run out. This is actually a very tough question, and the ‘secularists’ can’t solve it. The Xtians can’t solve it. We can try to suggest a radical resolution to the issue, but first we need to lay some kind of foundation.

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