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The issue of Israel in the wake of the Str/Seq model

March 15th, 2014 · No Comments

The issue of Israel in the wake of the Str/Seq model
Our discussion of the ‘stream and sequence’ model applied to the case of modern Israel is simple, but ambiguous. So we will discuss the issue again with and without that model, with a possible insight obtained from it, being careful to mark my own opinions as distinct.
The key issue is the Holocaust, of course, and the generation of that world historical crime against humanity is a puzzle that remains unsolved. Nothing whatever in the dynamics of the stream and sequence model suggests anything like this. In fact, despite the chronic nightmare of antisemitism, the relationship of Judaism to Xtianity, as noted already, is bound in a unique experiment of some kind that preserved the starting point of a new monotheism in the later outcome or macro-religion. Our macro system is superclever. Extermination was never ever part of the macro effect.
The Holocaust seems like an expansion of antisemitism, but that is false, the scales are different. It makes no sense. A closer look shows the sideline, Judaism and its culture, creating a population type, to be conveyed to the new era. We have discussed this question several times with the Aryan/Semitic context in mind. Nothing in our stream and sequence argument, which is ultimately evolutionary in scope, but in its own sense, suggests the Holocaust. Our Str/Seq model never indulges in massacres and exterminations. Our system was in the process of a complex and subtle experiment or population upgrade which was nearly wrecked by the interpolation of the Holocaust. Over at The Gurdjieff Con we have gone in another direction here on this issue of historical insanity.

But now we are confronted with the phenomenon of modern Israel. Our model says nothing here: these independent initiatives are frequent in history, but they don’t have the slingshot momentum of the sequence lines.
But wait, maybe we have missed something. We are bemused by the Hollywood movie in our heads, clouding thought.
The result in modern Israel has been nothing but trouble. We can sense why: there is nothing but human will here, fueled by nostalgia for ancient Israel. Human will, but no ‘macro’ action. That makes complete sense of the confusions arising. Nothing is right. It is nonsense to claim that the Old Testament justifies the claims to various pieces of real estate. The whole thing is a tourist site now, nothing more. Still, this is not the first time real estate grabs have taken place: cf. the American case.

The issue is quite different. And the result is dangerous, because it starting to take the American system down with it, in working out of a fallacy.

There is too much to discuss there, but we should note that the attachment to a ‘nation’ was discontinued in antiquity. It will never bear for long an attempted repetition. And the ‘Jews’/Israelites ominously have always been subject to repeated deterritorializations/ First, ‘Israel’, then Judah, then the destruction of the whole nation in the Roman era in concert with the rise of Xtianity. So what are the grounds for a restoration of this territory to the modern Jews. The whole experiment is a hopeless failure.
But there is a way out, which is to see that while without the roots in a modern ‘sequence’ structure the bogus nostalgia/caper is very meaningful in another obvious sense: the population experiment has returned some of the descendants of the ancient collision of Semites and Aryans to the source area: the most obvious implication is not the Biblical nonsense about Israel/Judah, the Hollywood movie in progress, with Charlton Heston as Moses, but the foundations/upgrades of the original source area into a new population type and foundational civilization in the ‘Semitic’ sphere. The whole idiocy of the Israel for Jews Only needs to fade away as a new oikoumene begins to assert itself, most probably in a multicultural blending of peoples, probably, one fears, with still another partial, but traumatic, deterritorialization of Israelis. The real experiment needs to begin. And that experiment has been bungled all the way through: the Aryan sector has 12 million Jews, the original Semitic sector almost nothing, save a remnant of cantankerous Israeli lunatics. The great experiment backfired. But luncay of Israel has to wear out fairly soon, and there is plenty of time for the real experiment to begin.

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