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Stream and sequence model…what happened to the term ‘evolution’?

March 19th, 2014 · 1 Comment

http://darwiniana.com/?s=stream+and+sequence We have produced a lot of material on the ‘stream and sequence’ analog, and can pause for a while to absorb the idea and its implications.

Although we have mostly refrained from using the term ‘evolution’ here (it can be a distraction) it is the case that our model is an evolutionary one. And this can be an obstacle to clarity. But that’s only because our current usage is so upside down that it confuses all other usages.
Evolution in our approach is almost like a roadrunner cartoon where the rabbit is run over and gets up, flat as a pancake. That’s the result of its Darwinian usage. So a usage that tries to correct the confusion seems confused.
Actually our usage is super-easy: it refers, not to a theory, but to any developmental process that can be described empirically. So an empirical account of history that depicts its sequence of ages and epochs is some kind of evolutionary account. That’s the sort of usage we use all the time, in referring to developmental contexts. So our usage is casual, empirical, and close to common usage. The full text of WHEE offers some refinements, but the basic point is clear.

So our discussion of a ‘sequence’ is evolutionary for the good reason that ‘slang usage’ uses it more or less like that. The Darwinian usage is so confused its proponents spend days at a time fearfully wringing their hands lest some religious ‘freak’ expose the absurdity of their position. This rarely happens, however, because their position is also forever in a stage of near collapse.

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