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The question of evolution is destroying science

March 22nd, 2014 · No Comments


I am a very avid science fan, but that in fact animates me to explore science’s limits, and most of all its crippled stance on the subject of evolution. If science is so constantly attacked by religionists it is because it is missing a major component of the enquiry into reality. The theory of evolution has been so stressed by confusion as to be a hopeless mess. The current approach is semi-sophistical (and takes the advice I have frequently offered) and evades the natural selection fallacies with bland statements about ‘evolution’. The segments of the evolution of the eye are simply not truthful: we can see that convergent evolution, and missing evolutionary toolkit must be at work in the evolution of such complex organs. The attempt to refute the complexity argument (with or without the ‘intelligent’ design gambit) has failed, but this can never be admitted, and the result is something worse than bad science. A whole generation of idiots claiming science absolutes is spreading the superstitions of scientism. The inability of anyone in the science world to deal with this is an omen of the coming troubles for the credibility of scientists. The aren’t credible. And they seem often to be liars.

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