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New Age tantra in high gear

March 25th, 2014 · No Comments

The Sexy New Fad for Mindful Living: Orgasmic Meditation
The secret to enlightenment lies between a woman’s legs. Who knew?

This is an interesting article (with some good links/video at site), and I am all for experimentation in this area, but in fact, at the risk of the ‘archaic prude’ resurfacing to scotch new age idiocies on the way to deeper truths, a dose of skepticism is inevitable here. To say that Organismic Meditation (in women, the the thesis is baloney for men) will lead to enlightenment is a strong claim, but is it true? This is not the same as saying it is a form of meditation, or mindfulness, so the terms used are important. Frankly I suspect confusion here: and a confusion made worse by the bad environment developing for ‘buddhists’ now confronted by extreme pseudo-secularists who want to decree ‘enlightenment’ our of existence, pace the new atheists.
If that is the motive here, conscious or unconscious, the whole game is ridiculous.

Five thousand years of yogis have insisted on celibacy on the path to enlightenment. This legacy degenerated (especially in Xtian lands) to such an extent, created all sorts of mental diseases that revolutionary buddhas like Rajneesh virtually banned celibacy as a spiritual practice. But the question mark remains.
I should refrain from moral indignation here: lost traditions put us back at the starting point thousands of years ago when, by experiment, the paths to meditation, and tantra, were discovered.

In any case, this doesn’t work for men! Too bad. Back to the caves of Almora.

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