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Xtianity trashed by reactionaries

March 25th, 2014 · No Comments


The question of a revolutionary Jesus is intriguing, but historically ambiguous. The attempt by Adyashanti to enter the question here is of great interest, but I think that a revolutionary path requires more than a Christian spiritual path. It is late in the day to create a revolutionary Xtianity. I think Xtians should try, but it is a long shot: the reactionary rightwing Xtianity of the majority of Churches, with the Prosperity Gospel Churches producing the final trashing of Xtianity in a truly wretched degradation of the gospels.

To correct this kind of situation, the only way, as the men of the Reformation knew, is a long religious war. We no longer have the stomach for that. Xtianity is now a degraded remnant that is too far gone to rescue. I say this because phony Xtianity can confuse people, as the early marxists well knew, insisting on a radical materialism to keep the religious reactionaries at bay.

Still, there is a way here: a radical Xtian communist movement that declares war on the right, and its Xtian capitalist ideology. That would not be a Gandhian peace movement, the new requirement from reactionaries.

Short of that a clear public Xtian movement that can simply state the issues on the left could navigate the rapidly self-destructing Xtianity now being massaged by rightist ideologues.

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