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The failure of theistic historicism, versus the x-ray insights of the ‘stream and sequence’ model

March 27th, 2014 · 1 Comment

We have produced a lot of posts on the ‘stream and sequence’ model and it is useful to pause so readers can absorb something of what has been said. This model is uniquely qualified to clarity the issues of religion and secularism in world history, in the process liberating thought from the double sets of constrained paradigms that confuse us completely. The ‘stream and sequence’ model allows us to look at the questions of historical ‘design’ without the issues of ‘god’, which confuses everything, and/or a purely ‘material’ account, which is confronted by the ‘material’ manifestations of some kind of high level action.
We have NO evidence of something like ‘god’ acting in history. If only because we never define the term, making all its applications to anything gibberish. The irony here is that once we give up the ‘god’ obsession (which isn’t an atheist gesture, but a complaint about undefined terms of nonsense), we discover the clear evidence for the action of a higher power acting across millennia. The term ‘higher power’ will be the next failed semantic complex exploited to confuse the issue, but we can use the term in a transient passage to some more secure domain of discourse. The point here is that something very very strange can be detected in world history and this stands in the background of the kind of theistic historicism with which we are familiar, but which is increasingly unbelievable to us.
In any case, our views of the history of religion are foundering in their own mythological excess, and we are forced in a new age of world history to start over with a new kind of analysis.

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