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The left and meta-religion

March 27th, 2014 · No Comments

Reviewing the links on radical Xtianity:

Even as we have tried to create a new leftist perspective on religion, the question of Xtianity has moved slowly from tolerant critique to a renewed skeptical analysis, in the realization that the current state of this religion is almost hopeless over the long run.
We have spoken repeatedly of a strategy of radicalization of Xtianity, whose Protestant realization was seminally radical, indeed, revolutionary. It is thus important, for what it is worth, to point to the remarkable way in which the Reformation spawned the very basis for a future communism, a point well understood by Engels. But at this point we have to face the obvious reality that ten years of preaching a radical Xtianity would likely not produce a single covert. I think that leftists should instead move to study religion on its own terms, and ready a new critique based not on historical materialism and its dreary incomprehensions but on a new perspective that is meta-religious, with a foundation in history that is more sophisticated than the shibboleths of nineteenth century positivism. The study of the Axial Age is one tool for creating this larger perspective, and the text of Last and First Men takes a few steps in this direction. The result is a framework that makes no distinction of spiritual and material. It was always a false distinction.
The left can’t make any headway because it speaks a very strange private language of positivism, scientism, and reductionist evolutionism, i.e. darwinism. A new start is needed that can speak to a larger audience with different sets of languages about the ‘reality’ question.
The study of the Axial Age gives us a clear task of the study of ‘meta-religion’, because we see the emergence of contrary religions, next to a proto-secularism.

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