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The illusion of economic elites they are some kind of evolutionary vanguard

April 12th, 2014 · No Comments

The articles today on humanity becoming two species shows how unchecked speculation based on darwinism simply veers off into error.
Speciation is a complex process involving distinctions of macro and microevolution. Microevolution might well produce two diverging groups of humans, but that divergence would never create a new species. The differences we see in economic performance seem more real than they are: the reality is that the economically well off are often the most undesirbable types and in any case the beneficiaries of relatively chancy opportunities. The majority of the poor given a cash infusion would simply move to the upper class, and vice versa. Success in a capitalist economy selects for some not very intelligent people, as we can see from what happens when the capitalist routine is disrupted by climate change, something born again capitalists can’t seem to grasp. The sad reality is that capitalist is producing distortions in the basic humanity of the earliest homo sapiens whose robust and balanced nature was more than natural selection.
The reserve potential of a species is almost like a latency thwarted by bad social environments.
Study the macro effect in WHEE: speciation is a macro process and involves an almost unknown global process that shows directionality, and the ability to act on a planetary basis.
The inability of the sci/academic community to see through this darwinian myth is almost beyond belief.

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